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Upcoming workshops / lectures

Charles Bridgebatik.jpg

Watercolor Batik
by Ryan Fox

February 1 and 15, 2015


Still Life with
Qiang Huang

January 24-26, 2015

Learn a new technique of painting using the watercolor batik method.  Watercolor batik is the process of using traditional watercolor paint and wax to create unique and beautiful batik-style paintings on Japanese rice paper.  This process is similar to the age old technique where melted wax is applied to fabric as a resist and then the fabric is dipped in dye.

Students will begin the process with a drawing and then learn to create highlights and shadows, as well as how to mask areas of the project with wax.

This class is suitable for both beginner and experienced painters with little or no watercolor experience.  Artists will create a 12x16” batik painting in the class.

Irons, electric skillets, newspapers, wax, and brushes for applying wax will be provided.  Artists will need to bring watercolor paints, brushes, and suitable clothing (wax does drip and sometimes ends up on clothing).   

Artists can use reference photographs provided for their drawings or are welcome to bring a high contrast photograph or line drawing to transfer to rice paper.  Lightboxes will be provided for transferring images to rice paper.


To see more of Ryan's work, visit his website at:



Place: Waverly Artists Group Studio

When: February 1 (session 1), February 15 (session 2).

Both sessions have the same curriculum.

Time: 2:00pm to 6:00pm

Price: $75 each session. Max. 6 students per session

Supply list sent after registration

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Qiang's approaches to still-life painting will be demonstrated with particular focus on composing dramatic setups by observing the light distribution, and using bold and loose strokes to create a powerful and accurate representation on canvas. Using demonstrations, presentation, and individual assistance, Qiang will explain his process of creating energetic paintings by manipulating values, colors, edges, and brushwork. Personal attention will be given to each student according to his/her currently skill level and personal goals in art. The workshop is designed for indoor practice with live settings.

As a self-representing artist, Qiang will also share his experience of marketing art using the Internet tools. He will demonstrate how to advertise artwork using blogs, websites, email newsletters, and on-line galleries. His way of using eBay to conduct on-line sales will be introduced, including image capturing, posting, selling transactions, and shipping. As a self-discipline and an effective way of communication, Qiang will discuss his daily-painting practice.

Qiang Huang (pronounced as Chong Wong) came from China. He has studied art from multiple master artists like David Leffel and Sherrie McGraw. His paintings show remarkable accuracy and expressive brush strokes. Since 2004 his paintings have been selected continuously for the 14th, 15th, 16th and 18th Oil Painters of America's National Juried Exhibitions. American Artist Magazine has featured his teaching on the summer issue of the "Workshop".

To see more of Qiang's work, visit his website at:



Place: Waverly Artists Group Studio

Time: 9:00am to 4:30pm

Price: $395

Supply list sent after registration

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Landscape Painting:
Beyond the Photograph
by Peter Fiore


May 31 - June 2, 2015

Blue Sky and Figuresm.jpg

Alla Prima
Figure Painting
by David Shevlino

March. 7-10, 2015

The study and interpretation of light is the foundation of all representational painting; time of day, weather, color and texture, among others will be explored in this workshop. You will learn how to control light, key your paintings and create good value structures so that you can achieve the specific feeling or mood you are after to fill your paintings with light and energy. Working from your own photo reference, you will learn how to redesign the elements of the photo to create a more dynamic and compelling painting. Demonstrations, critiques and discussion of materials, techniques and common problems will be a part of this 3 day workshop. Class will be held indoors and students should bring 5-10 landscape photographs (5x7 or larger) to work from.

The essentials of painting; design, value structure, color and exquisite paint quality will be the focus of this workshop. The workshop is open to all skill levels and styles. The main focus is on oil painting, however all media are welcome.


PETER FIORE is an American landscape painter who is best known for painting light and his striking use of color. His landscape paintings are in many corporate and private collections. He has won a number of awards, including first place for landscape in the Art Renewal Center's Annual Salon as well as receiving a Grand Prize in the America China Oil Painters Artist League (ACOPAL) Open Competition. He has been featured in an assortment of publications including Fine Art Connoisseur as an "Artist to Watch" and has been named a "Living Master" by the Art Renewal Center.


To see more of Fiore's work, visit his website at:



Place: Waverly Artists Group Studio

Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm

Price: $395

Supply list sent after registration

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This class is about painting the figure alla prima (wet into wet) and the techniques used to create a fresh, direct response to our subjects.  After a demonstration, the class will work in monotone from the model for the first day, concentrating on value.  After that, the class will work in full color from the model, learning how to interpret and simplify by seeing the figure as a series of basic shapes described by color/ light and shadow.  By learning to simplify what we see, we become better able to paint our subjects with greater clarity and directness.  This class will be particularly helpful to students who wish to paint more loosely and to use their brushstrokes with economy.

David Shevlino studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (certificate ’84) and the University of Pennsylvania (BFA ’92).  His work has been featured in national publications and he has exhibited his paintings in solo and group exhibitions throughout the U.S.  He has also produced a series of videos and DVDs about his artwork and painting methods.


To see more of Shevlino's work, visit his website at:



Place: Waverly Artists Group Studio

Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm

Price: $450

Supply list sent after registration

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Still Life Oil Painting and Online Art Marketing.
By Qian Huang

Feb. 24-26, 2013

How to paint Fast, Loose and Bold!
By Patti Mollica

April 14-16, 2013

Modern Impressionism
In Oil
By Colley Whisson

​May 7 and 8, 2013

Loose Florals
in Watercolors
By Ken Hobson


September 16, 2013


Follow your HeART!
By Ann Etheridge


Feb. 25, 2014


Oil Painting with Maggie Siner


December 6-8, 2013



Red Hangers, 2009, 30 x 36 ins, oil on linen

Golden Acrylics Lecture/Demo
By Phil Garrett


March 6, 2014


Loosen Up!
By Patti Mollica


March 14-17, 2014


Impressionism in Oils
By Colley Whisson

​Sept. 18-21, 2014


Shining Through

Studio Landscape Painting Workshop at the Waverly Artists Group Studio & Gallery, Cary NC Studio Landscape Painting Workshop at the Waverly Artists Group Studio & Gallery, Cary NC
Studio Landscape Painting
By Donna Bland


April 28-29, 2014


Table, Chair and Tray, 2013, 28 x 30 ins, oil on linen.jpg

Color and Shape
by Maggie Siner


November 14-17, 2014




Table, Chair and Tray, 2013, 28 x 30, oil

Blue Vase and Tomatoes 20 x 24 oil on linen.jpg

The Hidden Order and
The Language of Painting
by Maggie Siner


November 14, 2014



Blue Vase and Tomatoes, 20 x 25, oil on linen


Loose Florals
in Watercolors
by Ken Hobson


December  9, 2014